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  1. AED Registration
  2. ASHI Community CPR/AED/First Aid Registration and Payment
  3. Child Safety Seat Installation
  4. EMT Class Registration

    Registration form for upcoming EMT Class

  5. Job Interest Card

    This form is for those interested in a career with Schertz EMS.

  6. Passport to Care Renewal and Payment

    Renewal form for existing Passport to Care members.

  7. Schertz EMS Ambulance Payment Form

    Ambulance Payment Form

  1. AHA Health Care Provider Blended Course & Payment
  2. Child and Babysitting Safety Course Registration & Payment
  3. CRASE and STB
  4. FRO Survey

    Survey form for First Responder Organizations to submit complaints and/or commendations.

  5. Passport to Care Registration & Payment November
  6. Patient Survey

    Survey form for patients to submit complaints and/or commendations.

  7. Standby Request Form

    Requests for standby at community events.