Does the Schertz Police Department have a police academy?

No. Currently, the Schertz Police Department provides instruction and in-service training only to persons who hold a current Peace Officer Commission.  However, we have just enacted a new program for civilians currently in the police academy.  For individuals that are in a Police Academy, they will go through the same testing process as the Certified applicants.  After passing the required steps following the written test, and physical agility test, a conditional job offer is given.  After the successful completion of the police academy, the officer will start the field training program.     

Another option for individuals seeking enrollment into a Basic Peace Officer Course are encouraged to research and attend one of several local or area training academies. A benefit to attending a regional or area training academy is that individuals attending these academies do not necessarily have to be currently employed with an agency in order to be accepted into the program. Frequently, these individuals first attend the Basic Peace Officer Course and pass the State required license examination on their own before seeking employment with any of the various law enforcement agencies within the State of Texas. The following is a list of the major local training academies in the Schertz area:

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