Is this Insurance?

This is not insurance; however, it works much like insurance. This plan simply allows you to know if you ever need EMS services, the out-of-pocket costs for that service will be greatly reduced.

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1. Is this Insurance?
2. Do I receive a membership card?
3. If I move from the Schertz EMS service area, can I get a refund?
4. Is there a deadline?
5. What if I am transported on January 15th, can I send in my payment on the 16th and receive the discount?
6. What is the definition of dependent?
7. I have Medicaid, can I join?
8. What if I call another ambulance company other than Schertz EMS for a non-emergency transport?
9. What if Schertz EMS is busy and another EMS agency responds?
10. What if I am transported by a helicopter called by Schertz EMS?