Do you offer a partial leak credit?

Yes, with valid proof of repair. The city offers a discounted rate on water. For more information please see the Water Utilities Page.

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1. How do I apply for services?
2. Where do I go to set up service?
3. Is there a deposit required to set up residential and/or commercial services?
4. Can my deposit be waived?
5. How do I discontinue utility services?
6. Do I need to be here when services are connected or restored after a cutoff?
7. My water bill has been significantly higher than normal. Could this indicate that I have a leak?
8. Do you have a night drop box?
9. Do you offer a partial leak credit?
10. How do you calculate sewer average?
11. What if I fill my pool or had a leak during sewer averaging?
12. Can I pay my utility bill online?
13. What can I do if I am unable to pay my utility bill by the due date?
14. Who do I contact about missed garbage or bulk pickup?
15. When is the penalty notice issued and when is the fee applied?
16. What is the city’s policy when the due date falls on a weekend?
17. Does the city offer grace periods?
18. What are the billing cycle read dates, billing dates, due dates, penalty dates, and turn off dates?