How do I apply for services?

To open a new account you must complete our Application and Agreement for City Water and Republic Services. The following information is required on the application:

  • Full name of resident
  • Current telephone number
  • Valid email address
  • Driver’s license 
  • Service address
    • Lease agreement
    • Closing disclosure 

A minimum deposit of $125 inside the city limits and $150 outside the city limits is required for residential accounts. The deposit can be waived for residential accounts if the following criteria apply:

  • The customer has had at least 24 consecutive months of utility service with the City of Schertz within the previous 24 month period without ANY late payments

The deposit may be refunded after two years if the customer maintains a good payment history. Commercial account deposits can only be refunded at account termination. They are not eligible to be refunded while the account is still active.

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1. How do I apply for services?
2. Where do I go to set up service?
3. Is there a deposit required to set up residential and/or commercial services?
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