Fire Station #3 Construction Update

IMG_9084Building a fire station in the rapidly-growing southern region of Schertz has been in discussion for quite some time now, and residents in the area will now see construction progress being made. Fire Station #3, located just north east of the intersection of Lower Seguin Road and Hollering Vine, will be a 12,000 square foot facility equipped with an apparatus bay for fire trucks; living quarters; and facilities such as offices, a workout room, and a large community room intended to be used for community meetings. 

Designed by BRW Architects and constructed by Byrne Construction Inc., this project is unique as the structure is being built in two sections: the bay side and the living quarters side. This is done due to the construction staging and sequencing process. At this time the rough in process has been fully complete on the bay side; this means the various lines (plumbing pipes and electrical conduit) have been placed, but the final connections have not been complete. For plumbing, this would be the pipes in the walls and floors that lead to the sinks, bath, toilets, etc., but not actually hooking up those fixtures. Once this point in the project is complete, it is reviewed by inspectors and proceeds to the rebar phase which entails laying large cages comprised of steel rods to reinforce the concrete to support the structure under stress and tension.  

IMG_9083The concrete was poured and slated on the bay side mid-March preparing for the installation of the cinder block walls, or concrete masonry units (CMU), which will be installed early April. The CMUs are used on the bay side to provide energy-saving insulation whereas the living quarters will be constructed with drywall.   

During this phase in the bay side, the rough in process will wrap up on the living quarters side of the station and the rebar structure will be set. Over the course of spring, the community will see the structure’s steel beams set in place as the stations gains vertical construction progress.  

“We are excited to see progress being made on our new fire station. The completion of this project means better response times not only for southern Schertz but across the city. We’re looking forward to increasing our level of service for our residents,” commented Schertz Fire Chief, Kade Long.  

Fire Station #3 is on track to open by Fall 2019. schertz presentation Front view