Mathematics & Technology


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More than 1000 challenging math problems and illustrations for grades 1-12.
This site is fully interactive and allows the user to sharpen basic math skills, play math-related games and explore new math concepts.

Fast Forward Math Glossary
A handy tool will illustrated audio definitions of common math terms and phrases.

Practice more than 1,000 different math topics in grades Pre-K through 8.  Note: When asked to log in, press “Continue as Guest” to practice for free.

Math Magician
Math games for training addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction at different levels.

Math Playground
Fun and engaging math games and activities for students.
Interactive games to teach multiplication

Help with Math, Long Division, Integers, Decimals, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus.


Carnegie Cyber Academy
Tips for kids and parents on internet safety as well as an interactive educational game, Carnegie Cadets!

Invention Dimension
This site profiles a different inventor each week with a biographical sketch covering his or her accomplishments and their impact upon society. Also contains many links to sites about invention and innovation for children, teachers, inventors, and the general public.

Dance Mat Typing
Would you like to learn how to type? Work your way through the four levels at this site.

Keyboarding Zoo
A fun and educational activity to help early elementary students learn the keyboard.