Literature & Languages


A+ Research & Writing Step by Step
Help with choosing a topic and focus, gathering information, and writing a research paper.


Shakespeare for Kids
While working puzzles, answering quizzes, and learning new words, the user is learning about Shakespeare, his plays, and Elizabethan England.

The Harry Potter Lexicon
The most complete and amazing reference to the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Including magical spells, potions, maps, lists of wizards and all manner of magical items and devices.

Short stories that concentrate on a vowel or blend sound. By clicking on a word, help is given. Primarily designed for first grade, also useful for pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten and second grade.


Foreign Languages for Kids
A free foreign language learning site for children. Simple games, activities, and resources for learning vocabulary in French, Spanish, German, Italian and more.

Online Spelling Program
This site makes practicing for spelling tests fun.