Park Development

The City of Schertz strives to continue developing the areas around the City with more beautiful parks and facilities. With the growth of the City’s population, the Parks & Recreation Department has many future projects.


11700 Longleaf Parkway

COMPLETED! The City of Schertz applied for a 100% matching grant through the TRAPS/GameTime/PlayCore Statewide Funding Initiative and was awarded the grant in May 2019. The total cost of the playground and installation was $76,058.00. The City of Schertz is one of 25 grants awarded throughout the state and our playscape structure was awarded two national demonstration site designations: “NatureGrounds” and the “PlayOn! Promoting Physical Activity.” The playscape was installed in December 2019 and includes several slides, a butterfly climber, interactive and cooperative play panels, swings, and a spinning seat. An accessible trail was also constructed in January 2020 to connect the playscape to the existing parking and picnic areas.


512 Schertz Parkway

COMPLETED! This project consisted of removing the existing worn pavers, re-installing newly engraved pavers to replace those that were removed, and included installing a new batch of pavers from residents who were on a waiting list. In addition, the granite pedestals have already been re-engraved, and landscaping will be refreshed in Phase II to begin in June. Going forward, new brick applications (as well as correction forms) will be collected in 6-month increments with replacements and additions taking place in February and August of each year. New applications will be accepted online on our new registration software, CivicRec, and payments will also be accepted online.


9958 Mulhouse Dr

A new shade structure is being constructed over the playscape equipment at Rhine Valley Park. The shade structure is being provided by the neighborhood developer in exchange for a drainage easement across dedicated park property. The value of the shade structure and installation is approximately $30,000. Both the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board and the City Council approved the drainage easement in exchange for the improvements. Construction of the shade structure is expected to occur in May 2020.



This exciting project for the Schertz community will install $1.1 million worth of trails, sidewalks, and bike lanes throughout Central Schertz. This project was also made possible due to applying for a federal fund match (80% federal/20% local) through the Transportation Alternatives Program. A 10-foot wide decomposed granite trail is planned off of Schertz Parkway that meanders through the LCRA easement roughly parallel to Wiederstein Road and connects to the established trail in Forest Ridge Park. The second part of the project includes striping compliant bike lanes (proper width, proper signage, and striping) on both sides of Savannah Drive from the Selma/Schertz city limits to FM 3009. Bicycle traffic in this area is heavy due to the elementary and intermediate schools along Savannah Drive. Compliant bike lanes will also be added to Woodland Oaks Drive from Schertz Parkway to FM 3009. The third component of the project is to install sidewalks along both sides of Live Oak Road from Schertz Parkway to FM 3009. This will complete a much-needed connection for pedestrians between two-highly utilized corridors through the city. The project design is 100% completed and is in the TxDOT review process. The funds are scheduled to let in late summer 2020.


The department is continuing to work on deferred maintenance projects across the parks system, keeping in mind that safety is our top priority, and then balancing accessibility, aesthetics, and innovation in our park system. Projects for the FY 19-20 budget year include working on accessibility issues at Ashley Park and finishing up re-painting of all the buildings, fences, and picnic pavilions at Pickrell Park (that began in FY 18-19.) Electrical upgrades, painting, and parking lot improvements will continue at Thulemeyer Park. We will phase in 10 new picnic tables, replace a slide and repaint playground equipment, repair water lines, and make repairs to the pool deck — all at Pickrell Park. The foul posts and shade structure posts at Johnie McDow Sports Complex will be repainted and additional trees will be planted. Work will also begin on a parking plan for overflow parking behind the ballpark.

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