Engineering and Public Works Permit Applications

Clearing and Grading/Earthwork Permit - A Clearing and Grading Permit is required when disturbing vegetation or soil on a site. This permit serves as the environmental permit as well, so it is required to be kept in good standing until final vegetation is established.

Public Infrastructure Permit - A Development Permit is required when installing any public infrastructure that will be turned over to the City of Schertz after acceptance.  This permit was formerly known as the Development Permit. 

Floodplain Development Permit - A Floodplain Permit is required for all work that is completed on properties located within the floodplain boundary. Floodplain Permits are attached to other permits prior to approval for work within the floodplain. 

Right of Way and Utility Permit - A Public Works Permit is required for all work being done in the Right of Way including taps, street cuts, and dry utility work. This permit was formerly known as the Public Works Permit.  

Network Node Permit -  A permit is required to install any wireless network node facilities including network nodes, antennas, poles, associated wireless equipment, and transport facilities within the public right of way.

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