Environmental Health

Schertz Environmental Health is responsible for protecting the health and safety of Schertz residents and visitors. We license and inspect food establishments, mobile food units, commercial swimming pools and foster care homes. Other duties may include reviewing complaints on hotels and other public health nuisances. 

  • Food Establishment- A food establishment permit is required for those establishments operating within the City of Schertz.
  • Mobile Food Vendor- A mobile food vendor permit is required for those vendors selling food and drinks from mobile units.
  • Temporary Food Event- A temporary food event permit is required for any food establishment that operates for a period of no more than 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration.
  • Pool Permit- A pool permit is required of those individuals operating a swimming pool within the City of Schertz.
  • Foster Adoption Permit- A foster adoption permit is required of those individuals wishing to foster a child within the City of Schertz.

If you have concerns or questions relating to environmental health or food safety email the Sanitarian. Find information on Neighborhood Services fees.


A Sanitarian, who is sometimes referred to as a public health inspector, is a person who visits businesses in their area in order to make sure standards of cleanliness and sanitation are enforced. They may conduct either routine or surprise inspections in order to safeguard public health. They might also impose fines or, in some instances, force a temporary closure of an establishment whose workers violate health and safety regulations. 

The City's Sanitarian usually make calls on businesses like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and taverns. During these visits, the sanitarian normally checks to make sure the establishment is using the proper procedures for cooking food or sanitizing equipment. They might take samples of the food or tests meats to ensure they are prepared to the proper temperatures. They might also check the temperature of freezers and refrigerators to make sure they are operating properly, so that no bacteria can grow.