Boards & Commissions

One way for the City of Schertz citizens to actively participate in local government is to become involved as a member of a board or commission. All members of these active groups are volunteers whose charge it is to make decisions and advise the city council on several issues from the expenditure of public funds to zoning questions. 

The city charter and ordinances authenticate the existence of each board or commission and establishes them as legal arms of city government. All board or commission members are residents who, after filling out an application form or are appointed by council members and/or the mayor. Most boards or commissions meet on a monthly basis and members are expected to attend all meetings unless specific circumstances arise. Members who miss three (3) meetings in a one-year period may be asked to resign.

How to Apply

Boards & Commissions Application

Selection Process

Nominations to boards and commissions, unless otherwise provided by the Charter or the Code of Ordinances, shall be made by the Council members. The City Council shall confirm nominations for appointment to the board or commission in order for an appointment to be effective. Nominations are made as vacant positions need to be filled.