Mobile Food Unit Reciprocity Application

Under City Code 34‐28 (b), Mobile Food Units in possession of a valid permit from another Texas municipal or county health inspection agency may operate in the City of Schertz without additional inspection by completing the application for the Registry of Mobile Food Unit and providing the required information. Valid permits must be displayed prominently in public view.

The following items are required to be uploaded to the web portal as part of your application: 

  1. Copy of valid permit
  2. 2 Photos of the permitted unit (1 of license plate view, 1 of vending side in its entirety)
  3. Copy of sales tax permit
  4. Copy of valid CFM/CFH certificates
  5. Copy of commissary/central prep facility, if applicable
  6. Copy of valid Fire Marshal inspection
  7. Copy of the menu items with sources of food items and sources

Upon approval, an acceptance letter along with a sticker bearing the expiration date will be issued and must be on the unit when vending in Schertz.

City Code 34‐28 (c) allows mobile food to have the registration fee waived. Applicant must abide by all applicable ordinances of the City of Schertz.