Public Improvement Districts

Public improvement Districts 

Public Improvement Districts (PIDs) are defined geographical areas established to provide specific types of improvements or maintenance, which are financed by assessments against the property owners within the area.

PIDs provide the city with a development tool that allocates costs according to the benefits received. A PID can provide funding for supplemental services and improvements that meet the needs of the community, that could not otherwise be constructed or provided.

Chapter 372 of the Texas Local Government Code authorizes the creation of PIDs by cities. The owners of the properties in the defined PID area can request the City to form a PID through a petition, which may include the establishment of an Advisory Body. Once an Advisory Body is established, the property owners within the PID have control over the types of improvements, level of maintenance, and amount of assessments to be levied against the property owners.

The City of Schertz Public Improvement District Policy was adopted on October 11, 2022 via City Council Resolution No. 22-R-118

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