TexShare Card Policy


TexShare is a library program that encourages the sharing of resources between Texas libraries to offer a broader range of services to the library customer. It is a program administered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC).  The Schertz Public Library participates in this program. 

The TexShare Card allows registered users of participating TexShare libraries to obtain a TexShare card from their home institution and use the card to borrow materials directly from other participating libraries.  Users must be in good standing at the home library and must have demonstrated compliance with the home library's borrowing policies. 

Each participating library sets its own individual lending policy for the TexShare Card. To see if a library participates in the program, and to read its lending policy, please visit the Texas State Library’s TexShare webpage

Registered Schertz Public library customers in good standing may apply for a TexShare card to be used to obtain borrowing privileges at other libraries free of charge.  Currently, the Schertz Public Library allows any resident of Texas to receive a library card free of charge.  Because of this we do not accept TexShare cards from other libraries, but instead issue a Schertz Public Library card to any person who can show current photo ID and proof of residence in accordance with our policies on applying for a library card.   

TexShare Card Requirements (to borrow items from other libraries) 

  • Must be 16 years of age or older. 
  • Must have a current Schertz Public Library (SPL) card that has been in use for at least three months and is free of fines, fees and overdue materials.  Any linked family member cards must also be free of fines, fees and overdue materials. 
  • Must present SPL card and a valid photo ID at the time of TexShare card request.  Your library card application on file will be updated to include TexShare card privileges and you will be issued a paper TexShare card.  The TexShare card can then be used at other participating TexShare libraries according to their lending policies.   

Any items borrowed from another library must be returned to that library and not to the Schertz Public Library. 

TexShare cards will have the same expiration date as the cardholder’s SPL card. 

Customers are responsible for any overdue fines accrued or materials lost from other libraries.  Failure to address financial responsibilities at another library will result in suspension of borrowing privileges at the Schertz Public Library as well as being billed for any charges that the Library pays to the lending library on your behalf.