Pavement Condition Index Study

Because the SPAM program operates on a five-year cycle, the first phase of cycle is a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Study. As the City of Schertz enters into the 2021-2025 SPAM cycle, a new PCI Study is planned to start in early 2021. The new Study will assess the condition of approximately 171 miles of the City's roadways and will provide digital images documenting the pavement surface condition of the roadway; an evaluation of the the level of damage in the roadway; depth of any ruts; severity of cracking; and GPS coordinates and sizes of distresses. All this data will allow the City to update the City's PAVER database and begin to develop a plan for the next five-year SPAM cycle. 

  1. John Nowak, P.E.

    Phone: 210-619-1825