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It is the desire of Schertz Animal Services to find forever homes for all animals. Sometimes, we are not able to immediately achieve that goal through our adoption facility due to animal age, temperament, physical condition, or illness. At times, it may become necessary to reach out to individuals to help foster animals while they receive treatment, recover from treatment, or receive training in preparation for adoption. To that end, we want to ensure that any animal foster that we partner with is able to provide basic animal care, along with meeting the specific needs of each animal’s condition. The policies below are what we follow to ensure the best future for the animals in our care.

  • Schertz Animal Services does not transfer healthy adoptable animals to foster care.
  • Schertz Animal Services does not transfer animals to foster care until they have received a wellness exam, along with all required vaccinations.
  • Schertz Animal Services does not transfer human aggressive animals to foster care.
  • To be considered for a partnership, an animal foster must fill out and submit an application. Schertz Animal Services will perform an initial site visit at the prospective foster’s home, ensuring there is proper animal containment in place, proper shelter is provided for the fostered animal(s), proper cleanliness and maintenance of the containment area(s), and to assess the applicant’s ability to care for medical and other needs of the animal.

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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Schertz Animal Services and helping us reach our goal to find safe and loving permanent homes for all the animals that come into our care.

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