File an Online Report

Welcome to the Schertz Police Department’s
Online Police Report System

The Schertz Police Department is urging community members to file online reports or request a police report or other related records using online services. Utilizing these online services will increase efficiencies within the department while enhancing services to community members of Schertz. 

Clicking the "Click Here" button is going to take you to the online police reporting system page, which has basic information about the system, its capabilities, and what to expect after submitting your report.

Do not file false police reports. Filing a false police report online is the same as filing a police report in person and is considered a False Report to Peace Officer and is a Class B Misdemeanor (Texas Penal Code 37.08)

Police reports submitted online are treated the same as reports written by officers. Once you submit your report you will receive a message on the screen confirming that your online police report has been submitted. You will also be given a police report case number and you will be able to print a copy of the police report to keep for your records.

click-here-4298145__340 Opens in new windowPlease Note: 

  • Accidents and incidents reported online must have occurred within the city limits of Schertz.
  • All cases filed using the online reporting system will be reviewed.
  • Upon review, if further investigation of your case is warranted, you may be contacted by the police department.

Please be aware, you will not be able to save your report if you have to exit the program or if you are timed out. Be sure to have all the information available once the report is started.

Obtaining a Copy of Report

To obtain a copy of your report, you can email and request a copy. You have to have your case number to request the report. 

You can also obtain a copy of your crash report online. For customer assistance, please call the LexisNexis support line at 866-215-2771. (Please note, only those reports filed after June 1st, 2019 are currently available for purchase through this link. You can visit Texas DPS website or visit our Lobby during business hours to purchase those prior to June 1st.)