Manny Casas

Command Staff
Title: Assistant Police Chief
Phone: 210-619-1200
Manny Casas

Captain Manny Casas is a veteran and proudly served in the United States Army and the United States Air Force Reserves. He has faithfully served the Schertz Police Department for more than 20 years. Captain Casas has held numerous leadership positions in different departmental units and divisions during this time. He successfully advanced through the ranks from an officer to a Captain, where he currently oversees the SWAT team, department budget, and overall daily operations of the police department. 

Captain Casas has proven to be an integral part of the police department throughout his professional career, serving in multiple facets of the organization. He has helped bridge the transparency gap between the police department and community and developed valuable programs that benefited productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Holding education in very high regard, Captain Casas has gone above and beyond in obtaining beneficial knowledge to enhance his work both professionally and personally. He gained entrance and graduated from the prestigious FBI National Academy (Class #227), where less than 1% of all law enforcement professionals are accepted nationally. He is a graduate of the Law Enforcement Management Institution of Texas Command College (LEMIT, Class #75) and the FBI-LEEDS Trilogy Program. Captain Casas maintains a Master's Peace Officer Certification and is a Texas law enforcement instructor. Captain Casas holds a Doctor of Education degree, two Master's degrees in Business Administration and Education, and a Bachelor's degree in Management.


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