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Posted on: July 11, 2017

Schertz Parkway Reconstruction Updates

Schertz Parkway Reconstruction Pavement

Pardon our dust. Schertz Parkway reconstruction is getting underway!

Project Update: January 19, 2018:

The cold weather delayed some of the construction efforts on Schertz Parkway this week.  On Monday, January 15, Capital Excavation paved the new multi-use pathway on the east side of the roadway. The path is nearly complete; some backfill and cleanup efforts are all that remains. Also, Capital Excavation was able to pour the remaining median curbs at the Maske Road intersection. Due to the poor weather, Capital was unable to finish pouring the new curb and gutter on Live Oak. However, Capital was able to pour the sidewalk at the northeast corner of Live Oak and Schertz Parkway. In spite of the cold weather and rain, the project continued to approach completion. The week of January 22 has anticipate warmer weather which will allow Capital to finish paving the asphalt on Live Oak Road and in the turn lane for Mesa Verde. They also expect to finish pouring the new curb and gutter on Live Oak Road; this will wrap up the vast majority of the construction items on the project.  There are still backfill and clean-up items to complete, so there will still be activity and traffic control in the project area all next week.  

Complete Pathway Schertz Parkway

UPDATE: January 16

Capital Excavation will change the traffic control routing on Schertz Parkway on Wednesday, January 17; the traffic switch will occur around 9:00 am after the morning traffic peak. Southbound traffic will remain where it is now (the outside lane). Northbound traffic will be moved to the outside lane on the northbound side of the road. This will allow Capital Excavation to work in the center of the roadway on the medians. We thank you for your patience during this traffic change. 

Project Update: January 12, 2018

Capital Excavation completed the excavation on the north side of Live Oak the week of January 8. With the excavation complete, some of the new curb and gutter and the new Valero Drive approach were able to be poured. The asphalt base material on the north side of Live Oak was also placed and compacted. On Schertz Parkway, the ribbon curb for the new multi-use pathway was poured and the backfill/base placement was completed. The new base was density tested and all the tests passed inspection allowing Capital to place and compact the asphalt base material for the path. This asphalt base material will be placed on Monday, January 15. Because cooler temperatures are expected during the middle part of next week, the final, top surface of asphalt for the new path will not be able to be placed near January 18/19. Capital will continue working on the remaining curb and gutter on the north side of Live Oak and finish the concrete sidewalk near the tail end of next week.  

Stay tuned for further information. We appreciate your patience at this time. 

Project Update: January 8, 2018

The recent cold weather has delayed Capital Excavation from immediately continuing their construction efforts on Schertz Parkway. Some of the construction elements require a minimum air temperature in order to proceed, and due to the extremely cold temperatures we have experienced Capital Excavation was not able to move forward on the project. Once temperatures began to rise, Capital was able to begin backfilling for the new multi-use path and prepping for the pathway ribbon curb. The ribbon curb is a narrow concrete “band” that will run along the outer pathway edge. This curb protects and supports the asphalt, extending the life of the asphalt. The curb must be complete before the path paving can be done.  

In spite of the slower than expected start to the week, Capital was able to pour some of the ribbon curb and pour the new curb and gutter on the south side of Live Oak.  The week of January 15, Capital will continue the ribbon curb placement and backfill operations for the new multi-use pathway. The near end of the week, Capital plans to be ready to pave the new pathway.

We thank you for your patience. Stay tuned for more details.

Schertz Parkway Reconstruction Pavement

Responsible City Department: Engineering Department

Contractor: Capital Excavation

Budget: $934,258.85

Project Start: October 2, 2017

Anticipated completion date: March 30, 2018

Work Completed Since Last Report:
Completed installing new curb on the north side of E. Live Oak Road.
Installed new median curb at the intersection of Maske Road/Mesa Verde and Schertz Parkway. Placed asphalt base material for the multi-use path.
Placed final lift of asphalt for the multi-use path.

Upcoming Work:
Install final lift of asphalt on E. Live Oak Road.

Backfill, minor touch up work, clean-up, and other items to finish the project.

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