Street Preservation and Maintenance (SPAM)

The City adopted the Street Preservation and Maintenance (SPAM) program to address roadway maintenance and upkeep. This program is designed to take a holistic view of the city’s streets and their conditions to help prioritize projects and funding over a five year period. The city took the first step in developing this program in 2016 with the implementation of the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) study. As a result of the PCI, a number of streets within the city were identified for a range of preservation, maintenance, and reconstruction efforts.

These are the currently planned roadway improvements and are subject to modification based on final design, bid, cost, and unforeseen challenges once construction begins.


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Developing a  Five Year Spam Plan

Schertz parkway

Live Oak Rd. to Beck - This section of road will receive what is known as a “mill and overlay.” The existing asphalt surface will be “ground off” using a milling machine, a depth of four inches. The base material underneath will be compacted and four inches of new asphalt will be placed. Only one lane of the street will be closed at a time, and the work is expected to take about three weeks to complete.

Maske Rd. to Woodland Oaks - This section of street will be completely reconstructed much like the section from Live Oak to Maske Rd was done in 2018. The multi-use pathway on the east side will also be removed and replaced with a new asphalt section. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained throughout construction and the work should take about five months to complete.

Live Oak Rd. from Oak Run to FM 3009

This section of road is scheduled to receive a chip seal treatment but has some larger base repair areas that need to be completed as part of the prep work for the chip seal project. Along with base repair, there may be some minor widening of Live Oak at the FM 3009 intersection to add a left turn lane. Sidewalks, curbs, and gutters will also be installed on both sides of Live Oak Rd. This prep work must be completed before the chip seal can be applied, so because of this, it is likely that the chip seal will not be applied with this project effort. However, the prep work will provide some improvement to the condition of Live Oak Rd.

Randolph from Main to Exchange

This section of street will be completely reconstructed with existing sidewalks, curbs and gutters also being removed and replaced. The street reconstruction will require full road closer during the month long construction process.

Tri County Parkway from IH-35 to Corridor Parkway

This section of street will be completely reconstructed. All of the curb and gutter will be removed and replaced to correct draining issues. This section of the street receives a large amount of storm water runoff and has a high volume of truck traffic on it, so the new pavement section will be constructed with concrete instead of asphalt. The roadway will be closed during construction to accommodate a quicker turn around. Staff anticipates construction to take about one month.

Greenfield Village, Lone Oak, Deer Haven, The Estates at Wilson’s Preserve, Curtiss (Lindbergh to Beacon) and Randolph (Exchange to Maple)

Roads in these areas will be resurfaced using a chip seal technique; however, before any new street surface is applied some prep work is needed. This prep work includes sealing up larger cracks and repairing potholes and other base failures; this is expected to take a couple of weeks to complete in each area. Greenfield Village will also have some concrete valley gutters installed at key intersections to help improve drainage. This will be done in conjunction with the other prep work for the area. There may be a time lag from when the prep work is completed until the new surface is applied as dry and warm weather conditions (August – October) are the best time to apply new surfacing.


Streets in this community will have the existing surface ground up and blended together with cement to be used as the new base for the roads. There will be a new 2 inch asphalt overlay placed on top to finish out the roadway surface. There will also be some drive approach and curb and gutter replacements to correct drainage issues due to settling/moving curb and gutter.