Elevated Water Storage Tank Project

On January 22, 2019, the City of Schertz City Council approved a contract with Landmark Structures to complete the Corbett Elevated Tank Project in southern Schertz. In order to provide adequate water service to the fast-growing southern Schertz area, it is necessary for the City to construct a one-million gallon elevated storage tank as well as a three-million gallon ground storage tank in the Southern Schertz Watershed. The first phase of the project includes the Elevated Water Storage Tank and associated distribution water lines. Corbett_Tower_Location 3

The Corbett Elevated Tank Project is located along the future extension of Ray Corbett Drive approximately 1,000 feet beyond where the current road ends. The project was designed by Ford Engineering. The scope of the project includes: construction of the one-million gallon composite elevated storage tank, installation of the new pump station and flow meter, completion of all site work, installation of the access road to the tank site, installation of all electrical controls and instrumentation, installation of associated distribution water mains. The project is being funded through the Capital Recovery Water Fund and Water and Sewer Operating Funds.

This project was publicly bid using the Competitive Sealed Proposal Method and Landmark Structures was selected as the most qualified contractor. The awarded base contract value is $4,682,000. The Notice to Proceed for construction was issued the week of February 11 and the project is anticipated to be complete in July 2020.