K-9 Program

The City of Schertz Police Department currently employs one K-9 unit, for use in narcotics detection and tracking.

At the beginning of this year, K-9 Rambo had retired, and we welcomed our newest K-9, Medor. Officer Hanley was selected as Medor’s handler.

Officer Hanley and MedorK-9 Officer

Officer Hanley has been with the department for several years and had been interested in the Canine program since his start in law enforcement. Officer Hanley was selected to be the Schertz Police Department Canine Officer in October of 2016. Officer Hanley was paired with Medor a German Shepard Dog in November 2016.


Medor was purchased from Pacesetter K9. Pacesetter K9 is a working dog training facility located in Liberty Hill, Texas and the owner Brad Langham takes an active role in developing and training the working dogs and handlers to form canine units.

Medor was extensively trained prior to meeting Officer Hanley. Medor’s training included narcotics detection, tracking, and obedience. Officer Hanley and his new partner Medor completed the intensive training program at Pacesetter K9 which lasted approximately three weeks. At the end of the training they became a certified canine unit in narcotics and tracking. Officer Hanley and Medor train weekly since their certification to maintain and grow their skills necessary to continue to be a canine unit for the Schertz Police Department. Officer Hanley and Medor must also complete an annual certification so that it demonstrates that the canine unit is conducting appropriate and adequate capabilities to the point that a court of law can accept the results from the canine unit.

When not on patrol, Medor will also take an active role in taking part of community events such as SchertzFest and Fourth of July Jubilee.

Medor will also be utilized in the schools located in the City of Schertz to educate and promote a drug free environment. Medor also brings a new element to the Schertz Police Department in that instead of relying on other agencies for a dog that can locate (track) when a child or person is lost we can now perform that task as Medor is an excellent tracking dog.

Medor lives with Officer Hanley and his family. When Medor is not at work, he enjoys running around in his backyard and playing fetch with his beloved Kong toy.

Officer Weston and RamboRambo

Retired January 2017

Rambo was purchased by the Schertz Police Department and arrived to the United States from Holland in July 2013.

Rambo underwent extensive training, and was eventually partnered with Officer Weston in November of 2013. Before being partnered with Rambo, Officer Weston also attended training on how to correctly handle and command Rambo.

While Officer Weston and Rambo were required to attend mandated training annually, Officer Weston frequently trained with Rambo in order to maintain and improve their skills.

When Officer Weston and Rambo were not on the road, they could be found participating in local events to include National Night Out and SchertzFest. They also frequented the area schools providing education to students about drugs and prevention.

Through the course of his 3 year career, Rambo assisted in over 30 arrests, recovered over two pounds over Marijuana, three ounces of Methamphetamine, 15 pounds of Cocaine and seized over $56,000. Rambo is currently living out is retirement with Officer Weston, and as Officer Weston says, Rambo loves to spend his days playing video games.