Historical Preservation Committee


  • 6:30 PM
  • The 4th Thursday of January, April, July and October
  • Bob Andrews Conference Room Bldg.1


Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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MemberTerm Expiration
Elizabeth Strong, Chair May 31, 2020
Dean Weirtz, Vice ChairMay 31, 2020
Debbie Krause, Committee MemberMay 31, 2020
Paul Ringenbach, Committee MemberMay 31, 2019
Sue Boissonneault, Committee MemberMay 31, 2020
Lou Foehrkolb, Committee MemberMay 31, 2020
LaDonna Bacon, Committee MemberMay 31, 2019
Pete Perez, Committee MemberMay 31, 2019
David Lynch, Committee MemberMay 31, 2019
Dean Midlick, Committee MemberMay 31, 2020
John Baker, Committee MemberMay 31, 2019
Judith ‘Lynn’ Foehrkolb, Committee MemberMay 31, 2020
Rosalyn Wise, Committee MemberMay 31, 2019
Letticia Sever, Committee MemberMay 31, 2020


Volunteers can contact Dean Weirtz at (210) 651-0394.

About Us

We are a small group of 14 Schertz volunteers interested in preserving the historic remnants of our city’s rich past. The City’s heritage dates back to the mid-19th century and the arrival of the first European settlers to the Cibolo River Valley.

An exciting feature of our committee work involves planning and development of the resources for a City history-heritage museum.

Committee Involvement

  • City Historical Place Designation
  • Historical Archive Collection
  • Historical Church and Cemetery Designation
  • Community Outreach
  • Historical Museum Development
  • Schertz Historical Research Project

Recent News

  • The committee once again cosponsored an annual Art and Essay Contest with the Social Studies department of SCUCISD. Judging was held on October 31, and trophies and certificates were awarded to prize recipients at the City Council meeting on November 13. Committee chair Dean Weirtz and SCUCISD Director of Social Studies Dr. Cassandra Allen were on hand at the council meeting to present the awards, which were displayed in the lobby of Council Chambers. Below are photos of the prize-winning artwork, which highlights the places and people that make Schertz a wonderful place to live. Congratulations to all of this year's talented artists.

Photo 2018 SCUCISD Art Contest

Kindergarten Winners:

1st Place: Dawson Szanto, Rose Garden Elementary 


2nd Place: Ayden Hepburn, Watts Elementary 


3rd Place: Isabella V. Garza, Sippel Elementary


1st - 2nd Grade Winners:

1st Place: Coralie Davis, Paschal Elementary 


2nd Place: Faith Denner, Paschal Elementary


3rd Place: Genevieve Dominguez, Rose Garden Elementary


3rd - 4th Grade Winners:

1st Place: Luke Davis, Watts Elementary


2nd Place: Marissa Dominguez, Rose Garden Elementary


3rd Place: Aubrey Michelle Walter, Green Valley Elementary


5th - 6th Grade Winners:

1st Place: Kyllysta Dawkins, Wilder Elementary


2nd Place: Kyle A. Taylor, Schlather Intermediate


3rd Place: Kaiya Hoffman, Jordan Intermediate


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Schertz Main Street Area Preservation Incentive Program

In order to facilitate the preservation of historic structures to promote the economic vitality of the Main Street area as a tourist destination, the City of Schertz is offering incentives that will serve to improve existing properties and businesses within this area.

Matching funds up to $20,000 per property are available for the cost of renovations. The aim of the program is to protect, enhance, and preserve the historic resources and landmarks which represent distinctive element of the City of Schertz’ historic, architectural, economic, cultural, and social heritage by providing property owners an incentive for protecting their property; stabilize and improve property values; foster civic pride in the beauty and accomplishments of the past, and to promote the use of the historic structures for the culture, education, and general welfare of residents, and strengthen the economy of the city by protecting and enhancing the attractiveness of the Main Street area to residents and visitors, as well as provide support and stimulus to businesses.

Additional Information

For additional information on eligibility requirements see the following: