Pets & Animals

The Schertz Animal Services Division of the Marshal’s Office enforces the City’s Animal Ordinance and Texas Laws relating to animals, provides an animal adoption program, picks up and shelters stray, sick and/or injured animals, and investigates animal cruelty and neglect.

Register Your Animal

To register your animal with the city, bring your current rabies vaccination to the animal shelter. City licenses expire with the rabies certificate, and are available for both one year and three year vaccinations. The current price for a city license is $5 a year for sterilized animals and $10 a year for non-sterilized. For more information call 210-619-1550.

Adoptable Animals

The City works closely with the Schertz Humane Society. For more information about this organization and its programs, visit their website.

See pets at Schertz Animal Services looking for a new home.

Adoption Information

  • Cat 
    • Male: $90 
    • Female: $113.50
  • Female Dogs
    • Up to 30 Pounds: $137
    • Between 30 to 61 Pounds: $142.50
    • 61 Pounds and Over: $159
  • Male Dogs
    • 60 Pounds and Under: $131.50
    • 60 Pounds and Over: $140

Note: Adoption fees are current as of February 11, 2014, fees subject to change. For current information, contact animal services at 210-619-1550. Cats and dogs that are already spayed or neutered (regardless of weight) are $65.