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May is National Wildfire Awareness Month. Over the past month, many wildfires across the State have devasted land and property. Schertz has a unique blend of suburban and rural areas that make the wildfire potential real! 

wildfires2The Texas A&M Forest Service over 2,800 wildfires have burned across the state in 2022. 50% of these fires were caused by debris burning (burn barrels, debris piles, etc.) and equipment use (welding, cars parked over tall grasses, and farm machinery). 9 out of 10 wildfires in Texas are human-caused and preventable. What can you do? 

  • Obey burn bans
  •  Never burn on dry and windy days
  •  Avoid parking or driving on dry grass
  •  Don’t weld on dry and windy days

As conditions continue to dry, stay wildfire aware. If a wildfire is spotted, immediately call 911. A quick response can save lives and property. In the past month, large wildfires have threatened homes and taken numerous resources to contain as close as Medina County. Don’t wait to act!

wildfiresWhile the PREVENTION of wildfires is our first line of defense, there are many things you can do around your home in the event one of these dangerous blazes affects your neighborhood. Take 10 minutes to complete these few steps to help ensure you are READY, Schertz!

  • Reduce the amount of pine needles, dry leaves, and other highly flammable materials around your home. These provide fuel for fires.
  • Protect your room by trimming back overhanging branches and removing leaves, sticks, and needles from the room.
  • Move woodpiles and small propane tanks 30 ft. away from your home.

Wildfires can develop and spread quickly leaving you little to no time to evacuate safely. These actions can help minimize damage to your home should a wildfire affect your neighborhood.

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