Street Operations is responsible for maintaining and preserving city streets which is achieved through the following:


  • Sign fabrication, maintenance and installation
  • Street markings (painting), striping, school crosswalks, bike lanes
  • Traffic signal maintenance and troubleshooting Street Maintenance-asphalt, concrete (curbs, sidewalks), crack sealing

Street Sweeper

Our street sweeper cleans about 600 miles of street each month in the City of Schertz. The sweeper follows a regular monthly schedule.

Street Preservation and Maintenance

The City of Schertz began a Street Preservation and Maintenance program (SPAM) after the 2016 MicroPAVER Roadway Assessment Report of the City’s Street Infrastructure. This report helped kick-off the Public Works Street department Crack Seal program by identifying roads needing to be crack sealed. The MicroPAVER report listed the appropriate streets which called for Crack Sealing (CS). An overview of the Streets Department Crack Seal Program can be found below:

CS 2016-2017 Street Listings