Recyclable Materials

Additional bins may be purchased directly from Republic Services. Flattened recyclable plastic or metal containers will conserve recycling bin space and reduce the chance of material blows out of the bin.

  • Aluminum, tin, or bi-metal cans: rinsed soft drink / soda, juice, or beer cans can be recycled
  • Corrugated cardboard and boxboard
  • Glass Containers: clear, brown, or green glass containers, been rinsed (no lids) can be recycled
  • Newspaper and Mixed Paper: newspaper, including the slick, glossy inserts, can be recycled, unless wet or discolored by the sun.
  • Plastic Containers: plastic containers which have been rinsed (no lids) bin.

Non-Recyclable Materials

  • Containers that have contained oil, solvent, or any substance that is considered hazardous are not recyclable.
  • Food and wet waste, paper towels, facial tissue and toilet paper
  • Magazines, Styrofoam, plastic film, and shopping bags are not recyclable
  • Pottery, ceramic, plate glass, Pyrex, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, etc.

Additional Information

Bins are owned by Republic Services. The recycling bins are assigned to a residence, not to the customer. They are to be left at the residence should the customer move to another location. The taking of a recycling bin by anyone other than an authorized Republic Services representative, could be considered theft and may result in criminal charges being filed against the person removing the bin. Additional bins may be purchased directly from Republic Services at a cost of $7 per unit.

For more information check out the Republic Services Guide to Recycling

Recycling Bin Loss Procedure

  1. Any theft of a recycling bin must be reported to the Police Department as soon as noted by the customer. No rebate for recycling charges will be made for service prior to date the theft is reported.
  2. The Police Department will forward a copy of the report to the Utility Billing Department.
  3. Utility Billing personnel will notify Republic Services in writing of the theft and will request replacement of the bin.
  4. Billing for recycling will cease from the date of the police report until a new bin has been delivered. Republic Services will report a delivery date to the Utility Billing and service billing will resume after that date on a prorated basis.

Replace Recycle Bins

City of Schertz residents may contact the Utility Billing Office at (210) 619-1100 to request a recycle bin replacement due to recycle bin being damaged, broken or falling apart due to the age of the bin. The delivery of the bin may take 7 to 10 business days from the initial request. There is no charge for the replacement service.