Curb Side Chipping

The City of Schertz provides a Curb Side Chip service during the year for Schertz Residents. Chipping service will be performed on Fridays during normal business hours.  Appointments will be scheduled according to availability. In the event of unforeseen delays, including weather, chip jobs not done Friday will be completed the following Monday.

Schedule Appointment or call (210) 619-1800 to schedule appointments.


A fee of $40 per half hour will be assessed for pickup and chipping. This charge will appear on the customer’s water bill.


In the event of any unforeseen delays, including weather, chip jobs not done Friday will be completed the following Monday.


All brush and tree limbs must be at the front of the curb of the billing address and stacked neatly for easy access (parked vehicles cleared of brush pile) with ABSOLUTELY NO TREE STUMPS PLACED ON TOP OF LIMBS. All brush must be curbside by 7:30 am on date of scheduled service.

Stumps MUST be cut 18 inches in length and less than 12 inches in diameter (or split in half) in order for pickup and MUST be placed in a separate pile along curb. Stumps will not be chipped, but must be accessible and able to be lifted by a single person in order to be removed from location. These guidelines must be followed or stumps will not be removed.

Brush piles MUST fall within the following dimensions:  5’ in height x 20’ in length x 7’ in width and limbs cannot be more than 6” in diameter or more than 8’ in length.

Not Allowed

The following items WILL NOT be picked up: 


There is no lot clearing allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Other Rules

City employees will not go onto private property to drag brush and/or tree limbs to the curb Line, they will not enter alleys, easements, or undeveloped lots to chip brush. The brush must be at the curb prior to staff’s arrival.

This is a residential service only and only allows one house per pile. Please do not join piles with neighbors, as each house must have their address on the list to be picked up for that date. When hiring a contractor for any tree trimming or landscaping, it then becomes the responsibility of the resident to have the contractor remove all limbs and debris. This is a brush removal service for residents who have not hired professional services to administer tree trimming. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Chips will not be shoveled out of truck or shot into resident yard with chipper.