The Public Affairs Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining internal and external communications that enhance the understanding, perception, and image of the City of Schertz. Public Affairs promotes, organizes, and supports informational, educational, and special event activities that benefit the community and/or City employees through advertising, production of city videos, radio spots, print ads, press releases, email blasts, website, and electronic sign ad creation and posting, and award submissions.   

Public Affairs also publishes Schertz Magazine, the number one source of city information for residents, monthly with a circulation of 16,000 copies; including 15,000+ direct mailed. 

Through various forms of communication, the Public Affairs staff aims to be the primary source of City information for all current and potential residents and businesses, to disseminate accurate and timely information to residents and the media during an emergency and non-emergency situations, and to provide excellent customer service to all inquirers of City information. 

Social Media Policy

I. The official City social media account is considered a “public forum” site. Departmental social media accounts that are focused and limited in scope and topic are “limited forum” sites.

II. The City respects the viewpoint of each and every citizen. As such, the City will err on the side of non-removal of posts on the City’s social media accounts. However, the City recognizes that in some instances, it is necessary to hide or remove certain types of social media content posts. A post that contains any of the following material is prohibited and will be removed:

A. Obscene or pornographic material;

B. Harassing statements, personal attacks, or threats to another poster;

C. Support or opposition for a political campaign, candidate, or measure; or

D. Advertisements of a commercial entity, product, or service.

III. Departmental social media accounts are limited in scope. As such, any social media content posted on a departmental social media account must pertain to the scope and purpose of the department’s account. A post that contains any of the following material is prohibited and will be removed:

A. Contains obscene or pornographic material;

B. Contains profanity or abusive language; or

C. Harasses, personally attacks, or threatens another poster;

D. Endorses or opposes a political campaign, candidate, or measure;

E. Is unrelated to the purpose and topical scope of the page;

F. Contains profanity or abusive language; or

G. Advertises a commercial entity, product, or service

  1. Linda Klepper


  2. Devan Christensen

    Communications Manager

  3. Madison Porras

    Marketing and Communications Specialist

  4. Public Affairs

    Physical Address
    1400 Schertz Parkway
    Building 5
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    Phone: 210-619-1600
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