2020 SPAM - Elbel Road Storm Extension and Street Overlay

The Elbel Road project will extend the underground storm drain system; add additional storm drain inlets along Elbel Road; and perform a mill and overlay to the surface of the street. The storm drain extension and new inlets will help the street drain better and extend the life of the pavement. The mill and overlay will remove a layer of the existing asphalt from the street's surface and replace it with a new layer of asphalt. New striping will be applied to the street to complete the project.

The City retained Ford Engineering for design services which were recently completed. The project will be bid once funding is secured. The cost of construction is estimated at approximately $1 million.

Anticipated Construction Start: TBD
Estimated Cost of Construction: $1 million
Consulting Engineer: Ford Engineering

  1. John Nowak, P.E.

    Phone: 210-619-1825