SPAM Resurfacing Projects

On February 11, City Council awarded a construction contract to Fuquay, Inc. for the 2018 SPAM Resurfacing Projects.

The 2018 SPAM Resurfacing Projects involve placing a new driving surface on streets in the project area. The new surface essentially preserves the street, while providing a new wearing surface to drive on. Before the new surface is applied, there is some prep work that must be done on the streets. Prep work involves repairing damaged areas in the pavement and crack sealing larger cracks. The new surface that will be applied is called a “chip seal.” To create the new surface, a layer of oil is sprayed onto the street surface. After the oil is sprayed, a layer of small diameter rocks (called “chips”) is spread onto the oil. Rubber tired rollers are then used to make sure the chips are pushed into the oil. The oil used preserves and covers the existing asphalt and acts as a glue to hold the chips onto the surface. The chips provide the new driving surface for the streets.

When the chip seal is first applied there will be excess chips on the street surface. It will give the appearance of loose gravel on the street surface. This is normal and these excess chips will be swept from the surface in a few days after the application. The reason why we have to wait a few days to sweep up the excess is because the oil needs some time to cure. Sweeping too early would strip the chips out of the oil layer, effectively removing the new driving surface.

One of the benefits of a chip seal is that once the chips have been spread onto the oil, the surface can be driven on. Some care should be taken when driving on the fresh surface. Sudden acceleration and sudden stops should be avoided. Such actions can strip the chips out of the oil, much like sweeping too early can. Also, avoid sitting still while turning the steering wheel sharply. Any movement, even very slow movement, while turning is preferable. Please drive slowly during this time period as well. Traveling at, or below, the 20 mph speed limit on the streets is highly recommended.

Construction Start: March 11, 2020
Construction Final Completion: July 2020
Awarded Construction Contract: $686,191.77
Final Construction Contract:
Funding Source: Proceeds of 2016 and 2017 Certificates of Obligation for Road Improvements

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  8. March 17, 2020
Aside from Live Oak, all the chip seal application is complete. Chip seal application on Live Oak has been delayed until the curb, gutter, and sidewalk project on Live Oak are completed. The curb, gutter, and sidewalk project has been bid and is going through the bid approval process. The project is expected to be awarded later this month.

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