Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest division within our police department that is supervised by the patrol Lieutenant Manny Casas. Lt. Casas has 4 Sergeants, 4 Corporals, 19 police officers, 3 traffic enforcement, and 1 K-9 Officer. The patrol officers are the most visible police entity within our community, answering the initial call for service when the citizen needs assistance. The types of calls an officer will answer vary in nature and may consist of; crimes in progress, traffic violations including vehicle collisions, public assistance, suspicious persons, and anything else out of the ordinary. Patrol is intended to prevent crime and reduce the fear of the community through their presence. 

Patrol Officers are divided into four 12-hour shifts. The city is divided into five districts and an Officer is assigned a district. The Patrol Division provides essential, basic police services to:

  • Over 32 square miles that spans three counties (Guadalupe, Comal, and Bexar)
  • A population of 40,092 citizens (2017 U.S. Census estimate) 
  • Tens of thousands of motorists along the IH-35 corridor
  • Commercial and Industrial areas